Stargate Universe- Col Young,Lt Scott,Chloe, Sgt Greer,& TJ

Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe – Col Young, Lt Scott, Chloe, TJ & Sgt Greer are assembled for Lt Scott and Chloe’s wedding .Looks like Col Young is officiating while Sgt Greer looks on and TJ uses her cell phone , I mean transmitter.

This is from  Season 5-Episode 18 – ” Epilogue”

Stargate Universe –  Col Young, Lt Scott, Chloe,Sgt Greer, & TJ – Season 2- (2010)
As the crew goes to another planet they meet their descendants living a totally different life over the last 2,000 years. Here they are at the wedding of Chloe and Scott’s descendants..
The costumes were pieces of Destiny uniforms and civilian clothing that their ancestors had landed on the planet wearing. But the original ancestors had to learn to grow and weave whatever they needed to live on,and so you see a mix of old and new on all the inhabitants of this world.